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Music Sleep Timer

0.99 usd

Music Sleep Timer is for users who want to stop the music of built-in and third-party music players at the scheduled time.It's easy to use and convenient. We recommend to you if you fall asleep while listening to music.
* At the scheduled time, Music Sleep Timer will stop or pause the music.
* Music Sleep Timer supports most music and video players available if they comply with the Android API.
* Support Player Pro, FLip, TuneIn Radio, Jango Radio, Audible.
[Unsupported player]- PANDORA- Hiphop Radio- Radio FM- Zimly- Lyrica
[Timer usage]
1. Simple Timer: Set a timer that simply adds a time. The timer set the time at current time plus selected time.
2. Standard Timer: The timer set the time at selected time in the timepicker.
1. Notification - Enable notification after stopping music.
2. Auto-delete - Delete the timer after music player stopped if not repeated.
3. Support internet radio - Enable internet radio application support.
4. Send to all players - Enable send a signal to all players. But it may cause some problem if you installed many players.
[Frequently Asked Questions]
Q. Is that just the sound muted?
A. No. Music Sleep Timer stops the music player.